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    Am I Eligible for Medical Cannabis?

    Since its legalization in Florida, medical marijuana has substantially improved the quality of life for people just like you! It is perfectly safe, legal and completely medically sound to use medical marijuana as prescribed by a licensed physician. There’s a great chance that you can be eligible for medical marijuana treatment in the state of Florida.

    Getting started is as simple as going online and making an appointment with a licensed physician. Our initial qualification screening takes just a few minutes of your time. Once you have secured your appointment, you’re ready to meet with one of our qualified staff for a state-mandated exam that includes an overview of your medical history and a comprehensive physical exam. After you have been deemed to be a good candidate, we will guide you through the process of obtaining your Medical Marijuana Card.

    Qualifying For A Medical Marijuana Card

    You must have a recognized debilitating condition and have been evaluated by a licensed practitioner. You must also live in Florida for at least part of the year and be able to prove residency. You will be required to provide proof of residency when you apply for your Medical Marijuana Card.

    Florida requires that all medical marijuana users be at least 18 years old and have filled out the proper paperwork with Florida’s Department of Health Compassionate Use Registry, a simple process that we can walk you through. Once you have successfully applied and been accepted, you will be able to use medical marijuana legally within the state of Florida.

    Please look below for a comprehensive list of medical conditions that would qualify you as a good candidate for medical marijuana. If you have additional questions about whether or not your condition qualifies, we encourage you to reach out to us either online or by phone. Thank you for allowing us to serve and guide you on your journey to wellness.

    Qualifying Medical Conditions:

    • ALS (Lou Gehrig’s)
    • Cancer
    • Crohn’s Disease
    • Glaucoma
    • HIV/AIDS
    • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
    • Parkinson’s Disease
    • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
    • Any Terminal Condition
    • Chronic Nonmalignant Pain

    Conditions that could qualify:

    • ADHD
    • Anorexia
    • Anxiety
    • Arthritis
    • Chronic Pain (any kind)
    • Cerebral Palsy
    • Chemotherapy Side Effects
    • Depression
    • Dystonia
    • Fibromyalgia
    • Essential Tremor (Kinetic)
    • Hepatitis C
    • Inflammatory Bowel Disease
    • Insomnia
    • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
    • Lyme Disease
    • Migraine Headaches
    • Muscle Spasms
    • Muscular Dystrophy
    • Myasthenia Gravis (MG)
    • Nausea
    • Neuropathy
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Radiation Therapy Side Effects
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Seizures
    • Severe Nausea
    • Sickle Cell Anemia
    • Spasticity
    • Tardive Dyskinesia
    • Tourette’s
    • Ulcerative Colitis (UC)

    Not Sure if You Qualify?

    If you struggle with a debilitating health condition, but are still unsure if you qualify for medical cannabis...Click below.